Midi/Maxi Master

Analog servo drive, Midi/Maxi Maestro compatible, for DC motors up to 5KW (16Nm), 30-160Vac power supply, currents from 8 to 25A

Midi Master is a four-quadrant drive suitable for driving DC servomotors with permanent magnets or with a wound stator, up to 5KW of power (16Nm). The converter can work with velocity feedback from a tachometer dynamo or in armature. The Midi Master converters are equipped with an internal 200W braking module and AC 3Ph/1Ph power supply. Type 140X8/16A, 140X14/28A, 200X25/50A.

Available functions:

  • Feedback: tachogenerator, armature
  • Adjustable acceleration / deceleration ramp
  • Analog speed reference +/- 10V
  • +/- 10V input for torque control and current command
  • Current and speed monitor signal
  • Enable and Stop digital inputs
  • Limit switch positive / negative

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