Omega Guide Plastic supports

Plastic supports for fixing to the omega guides of the electrical panel. They can be supplied already installed on drives or supplied separately, complete with fixing screws. The SUP1 model is suitable for Dc One, Micro Digital One and Speed ​​One products. The SUP2 model is suitable for Traction XL, Traction Link, Speed ​​One XL, Dc One XL products.

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Switching SWR1

Switching power supplies for direct connection of Ns. drives to the network line (220 / 400Vac). Powers available from 50 to 400W output voltages 24, 50, or 65Vdc. These power supplies are particularly suitable for the DC ONE, SPEED ONE, DC-LINK and SPEED-LINK series 65 models. UL-CE approvals.

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AL-TM series power supply

AC / DC power supplies composed of rectifier bridges and filter capacities. Connection of AL-TM board on secondary line isolated by single-phase or three-phase transformer. Models available for all 65-145 and 205 series servo drives with capacities from 4000 to 11.000uF. 3 Outputs on 30A terminal blocks, each protected by a 16A fuse. Presence voltage led. CE approvals.

Datasheet AL-TM power supply

Capacity and bridges

Filter capacity and single-phase/three-phase bridges for low-cost power supplies. The capacities are provided with metal clamps for panel mounting (capacitor values ​​from 1000 to 10.000uF with voltages 100-200 and 350V). Temperatures 85 ° C and 105 ° C. Single-phase bridges 35A 800V and three-phase bridges 35A 1200V, with hole for fixing on the electrical panel and faston outputs. UL-CE approvals.

Datasheet Power supply parts


Single-phase/three-phase transformers from 100VA to 7KVA, primary power supply 220 or 400Vac and secondary outputs 45-95-145Vac. These transformers can be supplied with customized primary/secondary windings. Quick delivery times: 2-3 days. UL-CE approvals.

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Precise and reliable, MICROPHASE encoders are used in all fields of industrial automation. Countless applications have been developed on machines operating in the most varied sectors: from metal sheet  processing to the processing of wood, paper, glass, plastic, from textile to food processing, from graphic machines to industrial handling systems, always carefully assessing the needs of builders and the demands of an ever-changing market.

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Communication cable

RJ45-DB9 communication cable for serial connection between PC and Microphase Drives

Micro Digital interface

Moxa interface

DB9-USB opto-isolated interface software for serial connection between PC and Micro Digital One Microphase drives.

Micro Digital interface

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