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Servodrives for DC motors

Servodrives for DC motors, voltages from 12 to 690Vac, currents up to 4200A. Four-quadrant operation with energy recovery, for motors from 10W to 3200KW. Analogue and digital versions, indicated also for retrofitting on existing equipment. Traction versions dedicated to electric traction are available.

Drives for AC Brushless Servomotors

Brushless Servodrives, voltages from 12 to 400V, currents up to 150A. Versions with encoder or resolver feedback, CanOpen DS402, +/- 10V command, for motors from 0.1 to 80Nm. Traction versions dedicated to electric traction are available.

Brush/Brushless Servomotor & Gears

DC Brush synchronous motors with permanent magnets and A.C. brushless synchronous motors. Torques from 0.2 to 50Nm, voltages from 12 to 400V, studied for the realization of variable speed movements. Single- or multi-stage helical gearboxes can be offered in combination. High range of reduction ratios available. Excellent quality/price ratio.


New service with original and compatible spare cards

D.C. servo drives eurocard format compatible

Servo drives models 60 - 140 - 200 for DC motors supply 20-276Vdc, currents up to 20 / 40A, in eurocard sizes.

Mini Maestro Servo Drives - DCD60

Servo drives for DC motors supply from 20-84Vdc, currents up to 14 / 28A, in standard eurocard sizes.

Servo Drive Midi Maestro - Maxi Maestro

Servo drive Midi Maestro - Maxi Maestro - Maxi Master, for DC motors up to 5KW (16Nm) power supply 30-160Vac, currents from 8 to 25A.


Our drives for DC and brushless motors are a technological and reliable solution for many motion activities. Please rely on our customer service: it will be by your side for any technical or application needs.


Is one of your machines out of order because the drive or the motor are damaged? Send us the data of the brushless or DC motor and we will provide you with a new board, thus extending the useful life of your machine.


Our products are ready in stock. We are able to process small/medium orders within 24 hours of your request.

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