DCD 300

Analog servo drive, stand alone, for DC motors up to 20KW (66Nm), 90-220Vac power supply, currents from 10 to 150A

DCD300 © is a four-quadrant drive suitable for driving DC servomotors with permanent magnets or with a wound stator, up to 20KW of power (66Nm). The converter can work with velocity feedback from a tachometer dynamo or in an armature. The DCD300 converters are equipped with an internal braking module. A significant advantage is the possibility of connecting the converter to the 220Vac power supply network without using a transformer.

Available functions:

  • Serial feedback: tachometer dynamo, armature
  • Adjustable acceleration / deceleration ramp
  • Analog speed reference +/- 10V
  • +/- 10V input for torque control and current command
  • Current and speed monitor signal

DOWNLOAD Documentation:

All the used components are UL/CSA marked: the relative descriptive file is available.

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