Traction Link DC

Traction Link DC© is a full digital drive suitable for driving Traction and DC servomotors with permanent magnets.

It works with ModBus RTU and CanOpen network commands. Its compact size incorporates a high construction technology that makes it particularly suitable for piloting servomotors in traction applications with battery power at 12-24-48V, where dynamic performance and remarkable regularity of operation are required.

Available functions:

  • Single DC power supply
  • Operating modes: CanOpen Ds402, Rs232 ModBus RTU
  • 6 Diagnostic Leds (States and Alarms), 2 Leds CanOpen activity
  • Serial feedback: Encoder
  • Protected for short-circuit, min / max voltage, overtemperature, Ixt motor thermal image
  • Current monitor signal

DOWNLOAD Documentation:

All the used components are UL/CSA marked: the relative descriptive file is available.

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