Micro Digital One

Micro Digital One©: The smallest servo drive with integrated positioner for motors up to 0.9KW!

Micro Digital One is a drive capable of controlling brushless motors with hall sensors or DC motors; both can have an encoder as a position sensor. The Micro Digital One can operate in torque, speed, position control, with operating modes in field networks: S-NET, S-CAN, ModBus RTU and CANopen.

It can work with motors with encoders with different resolution of pulses. The programming and calibration is done by PC using the supplied standard software. It’s available the RS422 serial port that allows you to connect the drive to a PC via a standard USB / 422 interface. The serial interface is also available for the ModBus command.

Available functions:

  • FULL DIGITAL converter with compact DSP RISC for motors up to 900W (3Nm)
  • Protected for short-circuit, min / max voltage, overtemperature, max. Drive temperature, I2t motor thermal image protection
  • Interface software for drive programming
  • 12 digital inputs and 4 opto-isolated outputs
  • Brushless and DC motors driving
  • Encoder feedback
  • Torque, speed, space control
  • Operation: +/- 10V, S-NET, S-CAN, ModBus
  • Networks: ModBus, CanOpen, S-NET, S-CAN
  • Rs422 serial line

Accessories: Brushless motors, signal and motor power cables from 2 to 30m long, CANopen communication cables, USB / RS422 interface.

The Micro Digital One can be powered in single-phase or three-phase alternating voltage, by means of the AL-TM board. This card is able to supply 1 to 3 servo drives: see the relevant datasheet below.

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