Traction DC

Servo drive for brushless motors up to 1.8KW (5.5Nm), power supply from 20 – 55V, currents up to 40 / 80A

These servo drives are particularly suitable for battery applications with 12/24 / 48VDC voltage, in combination with direct current traction motors. Reliable, robust and low-cost products.

Available functions:

  • Serial feedback: tachometer dynamo, encoder, armature
  • Adjustable acceleration / deceleration ramp
  • Analog speed reference +/- 10V
  • +/- 10V input for torque control and current command
  • Current and speed monitor signal
  • Command with PWM + DIR signals
  • Command with forward/back PWM signals
  • Positive & negative limit switch “motor stroke lock”

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