Mini Traction Power

Mini Traction Power© series, servodrive with compact dimensions 130x85x40mm, for brushless motors up to 8KW.

These servo drives are particularly suitable for battery applications with 24/48/72VDC voltage. We implemented a new advanced algorithm for the optimal operation of the brushless motor even without feedback (sensorless). It is complete with internal braking module, the braking resistor must be connected externally. Typical applications: automotive and all automatic machines. High product reliability. Currents up to 75A nominal, 120A peak.

Operating modes:

  • 0 / 10V ref. analogue speed
  • 0 / 10V ref. analogue torque
  • Analog positioning
  • Digital positioning profiles
  • Impulse and direction
  • Modbus-RTU
  • CANbus DS402

Avaiable feedbacks:

  • Sensorless (only with U, V, W power)
  • Hall + Encoder sensors
  • Resolver

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