Digital One

Digital servo drive, control via CANopen / modbus / S-Net / S-Can protocols for brushless motors up to 1KW (2.7Nm), 230Vac power supply, currents up to 4 / 8A

Digital One© is a new concept drive as it uses new DSP and RISC microprocessors which, in addition to a high computational capacity, combine high peripheral integration. This allowed us to create an extremely compact drive without sacrificing high dynamic characteristics and high resolution on speed and positioning.

Available standard functions:

  • FULL DIGITAL converter with compact RISC DSP for motors up to 1KW (3.3Nm)
  • Diagnostic display and drive programming with a set-up keypad
  • Integrated brake module with dissipative resistance
  • Serial line Rs422, Rs232
    Protected for short circuit, min / max voltage, overtemperature, cable break, max. Drive and motor temperature
    I2t motor thermal image protection
  • Interface software for drive programming.
  • Brushless and vector motors driving
  • Encoder feedback
  • Torque, speed, and space control
  • Operation: +/- 10V, step + dir, S-NET, S-CAN
  • Networks: ModBus, CanOpen, S-NET, S-CAN

Accessories: Brushless motors from 0.35 to 2.5Nm, signal and motor power cables from 2 to 30m long, CanOpen communication cables, interface software.


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