TX Series Traction Servomotors

DC motors with permanent magnets dedicated to electric traction. Nominal couples from 1 to 5.5Nm. This series is realized with the use of first-rate materials and with mechanical processing performed with centesimal tolerances. The salient features are:

  • High torque linearity
  • High efficiency
  • High acceleration torque

These characteristics, together with a high inertial ratio, make these engines perfect for electric vehicle equipment, maximizing their performance and operating autonomy.

These motors are available with different flanges, among the most common on the market, with constructive form B5 or B14. All motors are in a standard IP44 edition, with class F insulation, and are made and tested in compliance with IEC standards. It’s possible to combine planetary gearboxes.

This selection lends itself optimally to the combination of the Traction DC and Traction plus DC series products.


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