Gear Series PRE

The selection of Microphase PRE planetary gearboxes is available in six sizes.

All six sizes are mono or multi-stage, in order to obtain a high range of reduction ratios.

These are the main construction features:

  • High precision
  • Operating silence
  • Reliability
  • High performance
  • Compactness

Crown: Realized with the highest quality materials, such as heat-treated alloy steels that guarantee high mechanical characteristics and durability.

Gears: Straight teeth, roller bearing assembly and ground profiles in class 6 DIN 3962, are synonymous with high rigidity, moreover the use of hardened and tempered alloy steels, guarantee absolute reliability in the transmission of heavy loads and high resistance to shocks.

Shafts: High dimensional accuracy and the use of bonded alloyed steels, ensure perfect coupling, allowing the transmission of high torques even in the most heavy-duty applications.

Bearings: High quality and perfection in the machining of the seats, are synonymous with high durations even under the heavier loads.

Flanges: The outlet flange is made of pressed steel with a superficial coating, while the inlet are available in many construction variants for all industrial flanges. In addition to that, customizations are available on customer request.

Lubricant: Microphase gearboxes are lubricated for life with synthetic grease, and therefore do not require any type of maintenance. Application range from -30 ° to + 90 ° C.


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