Speed One

Servo drive for brushless motors up to 1KW (3.3Nm), power supply from 20 to 130Vdc, currents up to 10 / 20A

Speed ​​One© are reliable and low-cost bidirectional 4-quadrant drives, suitable for driving both brushless motors and DC motors up to 1kW (3.3Nm).

These servodrives, thanks to the technology adopted, are particularly compact and suitable for all automation sectors in which high dynamic performance and positioning accuracy are required.

Power supply from 20 to 130 Vdc. Currents up to 10A rated / 20A peak.

Available standard functions:

  • Standard feedback: Encoder, tachometer dynamo, armature, hall signals
  • Adjustable acceleration/deceleration ramp
  • Analog speed reference +/- 10V
  • +/- 10V input for torque control and current command
  • Current and speed monitor signal
  • Internal setup for Brushless and DC motor drive
  • Command with PWM + DIR signals
  • Command with forward/back PWM signals

The Speed ​​One can be powered in single-phase or three-phase alternating voltage, using the AL-TM board. This card is able to supply 1 to 3 servo drives: see the relevant datasheet below.


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